Term & Condition

Square-cash-app is a website that publishes articles about the troubleshooting steps of the cash app. We have a set of terms & conditions which is an agreement between the website and the user. Any information available on the website is just precise as per their knowledge. Also, we have all the rights for changing the website’s terms and conditions that are available on the website.

Here, the user means the visitors who want to avail tech support for fixing the glitches of the cash app account. A user needs to accept the terms and conditions to confirm that they have gone through all the information. All the users need to read these terms and conditions before getting information from our website.

These below-mentioned terms and conditions need to be followed by the customers:

  • We shall not be held responsible for the application of any technical support services. We only provide troubleshooting guidance as per our knowledge and ability.
  • Any kind of information available on the website might have some informational or typing errors. We don’t hold any responsibility for this kind of inaccuracy.
  • All the troubleshooting steps, information, and content that are available on the website are only for the information purpose of the users. These details can be changed at any time without giving any prior notice to them.

Our website doesn’t make any specific warranty to the users regarding the technical support guidelines that we provide. We never say our solutions will be error-free but will show the immediate result to rectify your errors after identification.