How Long Does Cash App Verification Take? [An Updated Guide]


Are you curious to know How Long Does Cash App Verification Take? Don’t know how to verify the cash app and Bitcoin? For this, you’ve come to the right place where you can find out about the verification process.

The verification process takes just a few minutes to complete but for the verification, you might have to wait for some days. The cash app takes from a few minutes to 48 hours to complete the verification process. The verification process depends on numerous factors such as the details you have filled in and the documents you have given. Sometimes, the cash app might ask for more documents from you because of which you’ll have to wait for a few more days.

Let’s check the verification process of the cash app and Bitcoin in the next section:

How can I verify my identity on the cash app?

With a verified cash app account, one can do many useful things. In addition to this, a verified account on the cash app will also be able to send or receive more money. A verified account will get multiple benefits including no payment decline due to verification issues.

Continue reading the steps of cash app account verification:

First, you should open the account and then navigate to the right corner of the app.

In the next step, you’ll have to tap on the bitcoin icon from the app.

Now, you need simply scroll down to the bottom of the screen and then you will see the option of “Verify your identity”. You just need to click on it to “Get Started”.

Make sure to enter your details for verification purposes such as D.O.B, billing address, and SSN.

Now, you need to follow the on-screen instruction so that the cash app verification process can get completed.

After doing all these things, wait until you get a confirmation from the cash app about the cash app approval.

How Long Does Cash App Verification Take?

Usually, the process of Cash App verification takes just a few minutes. However, it can sometimes go up to a few days depending on the cash app’s process of verification. In general cash, it takes around 48 hours to verify the account and go through the documents that you have uploaded.

At times, the cash app might contact you to provide documents and other papers for verification. In such cases, it might take a few more days for verification.

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What if I don’t verify my cash app?

Cash app users can use this account in both verified and non-verified ways. However, the nonverified users of the cash app won’t be able to enjoy some crucial features. The money limitation is different for verified and non-verified users.

If you verify your account then there won’t be any issue in sending and receiving money. A non-verified account is always suspicious to the cash app because of which payments also get declined by the cash app. So, it is necessary to verify your cash app account. If your cash app identity verification is pending, you cannot increase transaction limitations on the app.

How can I Verify Bitcoin on Cash App?

Like the cash app, Bitcoin also requires verification on the cash app. After verification, you can start using Bitcoin with ease. The step of the cash app bitcoin verification process is mentioned below:

At first, the user will have to go to the Cash App screen and then look for the Bitcoin option.

Now, you will see the option of “Under Deposits & Transfers” clicking on which will open the Bitcoin option.

In the next step, you are needed to choose the option of “Enable Withdrawals and Deposits”. After doing this, Cash App will ask for some extra information that is needed for the verification process. So, you need to provide your email address, reasons for purchasing BTC, employment, and other details.

Next, you will have to scan both sides of your ID.

In the next step, you need to take a photo of your face so that you can upload it on the verification page.

That’s it. Now, you just have to wait for up to 48 hours for the completion of the Bitcoin verification.

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Here in this blog, you’ll get to know How Long Does Cash App Verification Take. We have mentioned why it is necessary to verify the cash app account. Also, you’ll get here how to verify your cash app account and Bitcoin to avoid any interruption.