How to Buy Bitcoin On Cash App Instantly And Auto Invest?


Bitcoin is the next-gen currency, and that’s why everyone wants to invest in it. And what’s a better place to buy bitcoins than the Cash App? But alas, many don’t know how to buy Bitcoin on Cash App! Therefore, it’s time they found the exact way to buy Bitcoin on the Cash App and invest safely.

Overview: The Cash App has a Bitcoin tab where you can go and buy Bitcoin. Simply open your Cash App account, go to the Bitcoin Tab, and tap BUY BTC. Next, select the custom amount and make the purchase.

What is Cash App & Who Can Buy Bitcoin On the Cash App?

The Cash App is a Peer-to-peer money-transferring application created by Block (Square) Inc. With Cash App, you can transfer money, buy goods, and trade cryptocurrencies. However, unlike traditional banks or financial companies, the Cash App doesn’t deduct money from each transaction.

To buy and trade Bitcoins on the Cash App, one must have all the following things:

  • A proof of age that shows they’re 18+ years old.
  • Residence proof of the United States of America.
  • Identification documents of the user who wants to invest.
  • Proof that the user is buying and selling Bitcoin for personal use.

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How to Buy Bitcoin On Cash App For The First Time And Auto Invest?

Before you plan on buying Bitcoin on the Cash App as a first-time investor, you must download the app. Not only that, you also need to create your unique account on the app and link it with your bank account.

Moreover, you must remember a few things before you buy Bitcoin on the Cash App. For example, you only get limited security investor protection coverage (SIPC) while investing on a fiat investing balance. Otherwise, no Bitcoin transaction is covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Hence, you must trade crypto carefully and understand crypto investing thoroughly before buying them.

Steps To Buy Bitcoins on The Cash App

  • Open your Cash App application and log into your Cash App account.
  • Check whether you have a sufficient amount to buy Bitcoins for your investment.
  • If your Cash App wallet is empty, you can fill it through your credit or debit.
  • Now, find the “Bitcoin Tab” option on your Cash App screen.
  • And once there, you’ll find the “BUY BITCOIN” option.
  • Finally, you have to put the amount you want to pay for buying Bitcoin, enter your special pin, and purchase it.

How to Buy Bitcoin on Cash App With Credit Card?

  • Once you’re on your Cash App account, find the “Bitcoin” tab.
  • After going to the Bitcoin tab, locate and choose the “Buy Bitcoin” tab.
  • Next, choose the amount you want to pay for the Bitcoins and select Credit Card as your mode of payment.
  • Finally, enter your OTP and buy the bitcoins successfully.

How to Buy Bitcoin On Cash App And Send It To Another Wallet?

  • Open your Cash App account and go to the Cash App’s payment section.
  • You’ll find the USD toggle button there, which you must click and select the BTC option.
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer to that account and enter your recipient’s $Cashtag. Please remember the least you can pay is $1 worth of Bitcoin.
  • Finally, enter your PIN, select the “Pay” option, and make the payment.

How To Automatically Invest in Bitcoins on the Cash App?

  • Visit your Cash App account, head towards the “Bitcoin Investing” option, and select the “Buy” option.
  • Here, you will find a list with the “Change Order Type” heading. And once you click this option, the frequency appears.
  • From this list of frequencies, you must select either daily, weekly, or alternative week’s option and select the “Done” option.
  • Now, go to the Payment section and enter your desired amount. Please bear in mind you must invest at least $10 for auto investment on Bitcoin.
  • Finally, find and tap the “Next” option, confirm your changes, and set your account up for auto Bitcoin investment.

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You have the best idea on how to buy Bitcoin on Cash App. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about investment now. So, buy, transfer, and sell Bitcoin on the Cash App, and keep educating yourself about crypto purchases.


  1. Is it safe to buy Bitcoin on Cash App?

Yes, it is! The Cash App adheres to every data security protocol and is compliant with PCI-DSS (Data Security Standard). Hence, you can safely purchase Bitcoin on Cash App, whether from a public or private network.

  1. How do I buy Bitcoins from Cash App to bank account?

On your Cash App home screen, you’ll find the Bitcoin Tab. All you have to do is tap on it and look for the “Buy Bitcoin” option. Once you’ve found it, simply click and enter your amount and start trading.

  1. How much bitcoin can I buy on Cash App?

You can buy Bitcoin worth $10K on the Cash App per week. And if you still have more questions on the pricing limit, call 1-(800)-969-1940. Their customer care agent will assist you.