Can You Send Money From Venmo To Cash App? Quick Reply!


Cash App and Venmo, are the two giant payment apps, that help users to fulfill their financial needs, being available round the clock. Both offer similar facilities to users. But, is it possible to transact between the two? Can you send money from Venmo to cash app and vice-versa? It’s possible! But you should put some effort: 1) Linking both platforms (Cash App and Venmo) to mutual bank accounts. 2) Using the direct deposit method.

Get to know how it’s done.

With similar facilities both apps provide, a lot of fintech lovers seek options for moving money between these two. However, it’s not possible directly.

We would move ahead chronologically above all finding how Cash App and Venmo can be used to transfer funds mutually.

What is Venmo? 

Venmo is a payment platform, an app installed from the android or iOS app store. Furthermore, it is a quick, secure, and peer-to-peer money transfer option that one can use within the US only. Besides, it is a trusted option for many users and is a neck-to-neck competitor of the cash app (a leading payment app in the USA.)

Can You Transfer Money From the Cash App to Venmo?

Yes, it’s possible to send and receive between the cash app and Venmo, but not directly. You need an intermediary source: a bank account or direct deposit for it to be successful.

Why can’t I transfer money from Venmo to the cash app?

Being rivals in terms of services they offer, it is an obvious thing that neither the cash app nor Venmo would allow sending money to each other.

This means, there is no direct button available to make the transaction successful between the two. Still, a user, reading this blog, would be able to make it successful.


By using alternative ways:

  • A mutually linked bank account
  • And, direct deposit.

Know about setting up a direct deposit and linking both apps to your bank account further.

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How do Transfer Money from Venmo to Cash App?

As mentioned, there are two ways helpful to succeed in instant transfer from Venmo to a cash app. These are: through linking bank accounts and through direct deposit.

Let’s now set up both options.

Link cash app and Venmo to a mutual bank account

This is easy and can be done quickly. In this, all you need is to add both the payment application to one bank account. After you have successfully linked both of them, you will transfer money to your bank account from either side and then from the bank to either payment app (cash app or Venmo).

  • Step 1: Firstly, find a bank account you want to link with the Cash App.
  • Step 2: Then after, you need to go through the verification process.
  • Step 3: From here, transferring your balance spot has been created.
  • Step 4: After that, launch Venmo on the screen; tap the three horizontal lines found on top of the page.
  • Step 5: However, Inside the app, tap the ‘Transfer Money’ or ‘Transfer to the bank’ option.
  • Step 6: Input the amount you want to transfer; choose the mode: instant or standard (1-3 business days).
  • Step 7: Choose between a card and a bank account to make a payment.
  • Step 8: At last, tap the ‘Transfer’ button.

Add transferred money to the cash app:

As soon as the funds get into your bank account, it’s time to navigate the balance to the cash app. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Open the cash app>choose the Balance Tab.

Step 2: Most importantly, hit ‘Add cash’ option.

Step 3: enter desired money to add it to the cash app. Further, tap ‘Add.’

Step 4: After that, verify using the Touch ID or the PIN number.

Set Up Direct Deposit for cash app account–

Setting up direct deposit for the cash app is an essential step with which you can easily establish a bridge to transfer money between the cash app and Venmo.

However, it requires you to follow certain steps to create a direct deposit.

For direct deposit, it is essential to have the Routing number and Account number.

Therefore, first, figure out these two essential numbers for setting up your direct deposit.

Step 1: In starting, tap Cash App; log in to your account.

Step 2: just after it, tap the ‘$’ sign icon and then press My Cash.

Step 3: Now, Tap the Cash tab along with the dollar sign; tap on it.

Step 4: Additionally, click the ‘Get Account Number’

Step 5: A message will pop up; tap the ‘Enable Account’ tab.

Step 6: Moreover, Copy the details by tapping the ‘Copy Account details’ tab.

Step 7: After that, hit ‘Copy Account Number’ and ‘Copy Routing Number.’

Step 8: Finally, you need to take the account and routing number and add it to Venmo.

Sending limit between both: Cash App & Venmo 

At the time when this write-up is being created, the limit of transfer of money from Venmo to the cash app & vice-versa is as follows:

  • If an unverified user: He/she is allowed to send $299.99
  • If a verified user: He/she is allowed to send $2,999.99/week.

Hence, it is clear from the above that if you’re verified, you have the benefit of transacting a large sum.

Want to know how you can get verified on the cash app?

To be verified, the user needs to provide their personal details. This list of detail is defined below:

  • Social Security Number a.k.a. (SSN)
  • ZIP Code
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth


How to send money from Venmo to cash app through a linked bank account?

Read it in the above-defined article!

How to send money from Venmo to cash app via Direct Deposit

It is easy. You need direct deposit set up on your cash app first. Then after, take the cash app account and routing number and add it to Venmo. To know more, the above guide is referenced.

 How do Transfer Money from Cash App to Venmo?

Both from cash app to Venmo and vice-versa is possible, for sending & receiving funds. All you require is to go through the correct steps while linking both via bank account and direct deposit.

How to Transfer Money From Cash App to Venmo Without a Bank Account? 

Then take the help of direct deposit. In addition, this needs an attempt to be set up on the cash app first.


In conclusion: Till now, this in-depth yet simple written blog has helped us to know how one can send money from Venmo to a cash app and vice-versa. Know that the cash app and Venmo are rivals in terms of services, hence repelling the transfer of funds between the two on a direct basis. Whereas, using a mediator: bank, and routing number can make it happen. Getting more guidance to resolve this just connect with cash app help team.


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